In the goblish language, Veriis means “Blood.” A trackless run of thick forests with lazy rivers weaving back and forth through it, the swamp holds many secrets and almost as many dangers. A constant fog rests over the swamp and the moon always seems to hang low over the horizon.

The most populous race here is human, living in floating communities and on the occasional island. They form clans and nurture feuds, trading and warring amongst themselves and with the goblins.

The goblins live in the treetops, making raids on the human settlements and establishing hunting blinds. They explore away from the swamp and bring magic back, experimenting and inventing new, exotic techniques.

The hobgoblins live in the roots of the trees and in the rocky riverbanks. They hunt, trade, and hire themselves out as ruthless mercenaries.

Veriis is the recipient of old magic, from the mountains and the jungle. A long period of steeping in the slow rivers has changed some of this to something new, which has changed the denizens in subtle ways.
The dangers of the swamp include crocodiles, giant snakes, boars, rat creatures, owlbears, and a nest of black dragons.


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