Hu’re’sen is an enormous grassland with a few dozen little kingdoms scattered throughout. These kingdoms tend towards a mix of feudal and tribal, with a smattering of magocracy. They trade back and forth among each other, making alliances and then going to war with mutual enemies. These alliances rarely last more than a couple of years, then enemies become allies.
The land is most gently rolling hills, with a few lakes and isolated small mountains. Herds of sheep and cows get driven from field to field, changing hands as a result of the wars and raids.

Humans are the most populous race, holding almost sixty percent of the lands.

Orcs are secondmost, with the most tightly connected kingdoms overall. They refer to them as dukedoms, and each falls under the purview of one of two overall orcish kings, who are almost always at war with each other.

Elves have the fewest and smallest kingdoms, each of which operates independently and is at war with each other more often than not. They otherwise try to stay isolated.

Halflings roam across the plains in small family units, acting as scouts and saboteurs for pay per which kingdom is offering them sanctuary at the moment.

The plains have plenty of dangers beyond the conflicts, from lions and rhinoceros to gorgons and wyverns.

The gods of the grasses are all related, and squabble as siblings do. The endless wars are family disputes and politicking writ large in blood with their creations as proxies. War gods all, they plot their schemes and try new tactics by granting acolytes visions of empires lost in time, a bloody peace under the rule of the boldest amongst them. Eventually, rifts heal, new ones open, the wars barely pause.


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