The Ocean is vast and mighty, encircling the continent and separating it from the Desert realm of Seft. It is known that there are other continents, much further away, but not much traffic with them. Some high-level wizards or clerics have business in these other lands, but the average person doesn’t know their names nor has thought much about them.

There are many dangers in the Ocean (each land has its own name for it, so Skycliff has just adopted the common use-name for it), chief among which is the sahaugin. Decades ago, they raided the dockyards and made a serious attempt to storm the city. The defenses held and the monsters were repelled. They still make attacks on lone ships on occasion, but have never tried the dockyards since. With the Grotto exposed, they may grow bolder.

Other dangers are more easily dealt with: sharks, quippers, monstrous eels, and the like.

Shipbuilding is a lesser line of work for Skycliff, but repairs are common.


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