An independent city with no political ties to any country, kingdom, or fiefdom, Skycliff has no official pantheon of patron gods. Rather, the citizenry brought their own and shared them with their neighbors. Some of the most popular gods in Skycliff:

Lar, Master of the Cold Wind, a Seftian deity
-symbol: a two-headed dog with closed mouths
Tu’Shal, Queen of Sleep, a Darksunian deity
-symbol: a white rose with thorns

Fes’Un, Hunter of the Hidden, a Darksunian deity
-symbol: a green falcon
Brev, the Loremaster, a Spinian deity
-symbol: a stone book, chained but unlocked

Shu’Tal, Queen of Waking, a Darksunian deity
-symbol: an acorn inscribed with an oak leaf
Aar-Qun, the Voice of the True Sun, a Greener deity
-symbol: a golden disc

Aar-Qun, the Voice of the True Sun, a Greener deity
-symbol: a golden disc
Tey, the Striven, a Spinian deity
-symbol: a pierced flat stone

Wu-Lun, the Encircling Guard, a Greener deity
-symbol: a green and gold snake
Vu’Chal, King of the Trees, a Darksunian deity
-symbol: a brown bear with a wooden crown

Cha-Wun, the Wind Itself, a Greener deity
-symbol: a black snake with white wings
Sa-Kun, the Unyielding Ocean, a Greener deity;
-symbol: a blue and silver snake
Yug, Darkest of Masters, a Seftian deity
-symbol: two eyes in the middle of an untopped pyramid

Fes’Un, the Prince of Deceit, a Darksunian deity
-symbol: a black fox with green eyes
Xurn, the Unseen Shadow, a Hurenic deity
-symbol: a broken bone

Kri, the Hardened, a Spinian deity
-symbol: a warhammer
Nul, the Ruiner, a Veriisean deity
-symbol: a white crocodile


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