Other Lands

to the far North lies the Tundra, called Erk’grik!ss by its inhabitants: gnolls and humans

to the far South lies the Ocean, and across it the Desert, called Seft by its inhabitants: humans, halflings, orcs, and elves

to the far West lies the Jungle, called The Enfolding Green by its inhabitants: the humans, yuan-ti, orcs, and lizardfolk

to the North lies the Mountain, called the Deep Sky Spine by its inhabitants: the dwarves, humans, and goliaths

to the far West lies the Swamp, called Veriis by its inhabitants: the goblins, hobgoblins, and humans

to the West lies the Plain, called Hu’re’sen by its inhabitants: the humans, halflings, elves, and orcs

to the South lies the Forest, called Darksun’s Slumber by its inhabitants: the elves, humans, halflings, and goblins

Other Lands

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