Darksun’s Slumber is a dark, old-growth forest with old trails cutting through it, crisscrossing across the river gullies and worn-down caves. Even during the day the woods are foreboding, with a few clear pastures illuminated by sunlight or moonlight.

Elves are the most populous race here, which only means that the woods are nearly deserted. They occupy the few castles dotted throughout the deep forest and tend to keep to themselves, only standing against anyone who trespasses. Once in a while they will send ambassadors to other kingdoms in other lands, but with no indication of a pattern.

Humans are next most populous, with little villages hidden on the outskirts of the pastures and lakes of the woods. They stay more or less put, trading with the halflings as they roam.

Halflings are traders and tinkers who wander throughout the forest. Some make a few settlements near the human villages, and a few families live next to the elvish castles.

Goblins are mostly raiders and brigands who live exposed in the woods. They skirmish with each other frequently and ally with the worgs. Recently, they took the remains of an elvish castle as their own, which has of yet not drawn attention from the elves.

The woods hold many dangers beyond the above: wolves, bears, panthers, worgs, displacer beasts, owlbears, treants, and gorgons.

The elvish deities are transcendant mortals, the third generation of gods. The first were abstract and broad-bonded deities; the second their offspring. The war between these was so devastating that the third generation was a clear break with the pre-elves, raising the royal family into replacement gods. This has not been quite as simple nor as generous as the elves would prefer to believe, but at least it has been effective. Even the goblins have adopted the elvish gods, although it is primarily to defy them.


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