The Guilds

Guilds of import are:
Thieves: games of chance (split with Entertainers), robbery, protection rackets, begging (split with Urchins), legbreaking, kidnapping, burglary, fencing, forgery, blackmail

Assassins: murder for hire, assassination, spying, kidnapping (not officially)

Urchins: begging (split with Thieves), message-running, spying, distracting, burglary (not officially)

Woodsmen: hunting, patrolling forest perimeter (under license from Guards), guides for hire from non-sea routes, some livestock handling

  • Merchants: retail establishments, price-fixing, message-running
  • Masons: stonework and brickwork, carving, erecting stone structures
  • Carpenters: woodwork and carpentry, carving, shipbuilding, erecting wooden structures
  • Smiths: working metal for building or decorative purposes (white, black, gold, silver, copper, wyrd; each rotates into Council position for a year)
  • Brewers: beermaking, alemaking, cidermaking
  • Vintners: winemaking
  • Butchers: disassembling meat and selling meat, purchasing meat from vendors

Fishmongers: disassembling fish and selling fish, catching fish from strictly designated areas off the cliff-face,certainly not in the Grotto nor in the Harbor Fall

  • Scriveners: legal and civic writings, copying documents, drafting legal documents
  • Plumbers: sewers and waterworks, maintaining the grates and shafts that keep the city clean and inviting

Roofers: roof repair and installation, window cleaning

  • Clothiers: clothworking and tailoring, gownmaking and millinery
  • Healers: apothecaries, herbalists, clerics, and surgeons
  • Mages: wonderworkers, magicians, soothsayers, and sorcerers (under suspicion)

Arms: manufacture weaponry under strict license, must maintain records of clients

  • Armourers: manufacture armor and shields under strict license, must maintain records of clients

Bowyers: manufacture bows and crossbows, must maintain records of clients

Fletchers: manufacture arrows, gather materials for arrows and bows, may sell to Bowyers

  • Curriers: leatherworkers, saddlemakers, and beltmakers

Cordwainers: leatherworkers in fine materials, harnessmakers

Wheelwrights: manufacture wheels and related items

Farriers: shoe and tack for horses, may stable them

  • Sailors: shipboard workers, rope handlers, and allowed to move items onto and off ships

Sailwrights: manufacture sails for ships

  • Porters: allowed to move items from ships into storage or into the city
  • Lofters: run the elevating platforms from docks to the city level

Guards: maintain the walls and keep watch for strangers approaching the city, hold the keys to the doors and portcullises, allowed to intervene in any activity outside the city that they deem a possible threat

Police: keep watch for criminal activity within the city, maintain the jails, allowed to intervene in any activity inside the city that they deem a possible threat

  • Entertainers: bards and other riff-raff, licensed to perform for pay in designated areas, games of chance (split with Thieves), gladitorial combat

Companions: prostitutes and brothel-owners

A bulletpoint indicates the guildhead is a member of the City Council.

The Guilds

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