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  • Afan Sassaia

    Afan Sassaia is a human from the far away desert kingdom of Sulifia Pralli. She is almost six feet tall and wears sturdy working clothing, keeping her dark hair back in a low ponytail. She is head of the Sailors Guild.

  • Sullivan Partha

    Sullivan Partha is a large man, built like an owlbear and nearly as gruff. He wears common clothes and sports an unruly black beard. He speaks little but is widely known to have an ear to the street. He is head of the Porters' Guild.

  • Goforth Maranthon

    Goforth Maranthon is nearing the end of his reign as guildhead. Several up-and-comers are vying for the position, but are well aware of his status as kingmaker, and he's not doddering yet. He wears cunningly-wrought leather vests and boots over finely …

  • Harsen Greyeye

    Harsen Greyeye is a studious man with a strong sense of tradition and a ruthless streak that is still famous in the city. He dresses unassumingly but well, and is always well-groomed although not overweeningingly so, with his large nose and dark large …

  • Gunter Roberts

    Gunter Roberts is an inventive wyrdsmith in his early thirties, who disdains the traditional wizard's robes for leather apron and heavily-smoked glasses. Wyrdsmiths specialize in smelting and working with mithral, and Gunter has been at the forefront of …

  • Linna Obhann

    Linna Obhann is a no-nonsense human with a reputation for hard work and expecting everyone else to keep up with her. She dresses in dark clothes with subdued jewelry, and keeps her dark hair braided tightly, then wrapped high on the back of her head. It …

  • Tels Wainfelt

    Tels Wainfelt is a recent appointee to guildhead; he is still feeling out the alliances and treacheries within the council. He is a large-chinned, blonde-haired, amiable fellow who tends to talk a little too much about things he maybe shouldn't even know …

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